Take Action


You can make a difference to support the establishment off-leash hours at existing park and development of a fenced dog park in the city of Carpinteria. Contact your Carpinteria City Council! The following communications are suggestions to email to your representatives:

Emails Addresses:
Wade Nomura Mayor
Al Clark Vice Mayor
Fred Shaw Councilmember
Gregg A. Carty Councilmember
Roy Lee Councilmember

Suggested text #1
I am writing to express my enthusiasm for the City of Carpinteria's commitment to creating more dog-friendly areas which are safe for dogs and people. The addition of off-leash play hours in several local parks is a big step forward in serving the dog owners of our community (and our pups). Has the City decided when these hours will go into effect? We are anxiously awaiting the chance to give our dogs space to run!

Suggested text #2
I was very happy to hear about the City's plans to allow off-leash time in some of our local parks. I am writing to express my support, and to convey a sense of urgency for these changes to go into effect. Please commit to taking this next step toward a more dog-friendly Carpinteria this year. Let’s make our parks safe for dogs and people.  

Suggested text #3
Thank you for taking the first step toward allowing dogs and their owners to enjoy off-leash play time in our local parks. I now urge you not to delay in completing the next steps - reviewing, approving, and implementing the ordinance change. You have my support and my anticipation!