We are making progress!

The City of Carpinteria has been working diligently with us in developing off-leash dog play and a fenced dog park here in Carpinteria.
We are very appreciative of the city's efforts but we need to do more! Join us, your support is needed.

C-DOG, Supporting Off-Leash Dog Play in Carpinteria

Parks are for everyone. Let’s work together to make public spaces safe for people and dogs.


Our Mission

The mission of Carpinteria Dog Owners Group (C-DOG) is to encourage the establishment of dog parks and open off-leash areas in order to provide safe and secure environments where owners may exercise and train their dogs off leash; thus providing effective socialization opportunities for people and their dogs as well as enhancing positive interaction between dog owners and the community. C-DOG promotes responsible dog ownership through educational and recreational activities, demonstration projects, and training opportunities; thus encouraging current and potential dog owners to develop a more meaningful relationship with their canine companions and the community at large.


Dogs off-leash are friendlier than dogs on-leash. And happier dogs means happier owners.


Our Goals





Phase 1 is to establish off leash times at existing city-owned parks. C-DOG has gathered precedent-setting legislation from neighboring communities with similar beachside demographics, citing successful off-leash recreational areas for dogs. We hope to have phase one completed by the summer of 2019.


Phase 2 is successfully identifying and acquiring an appropriate piece of land, and building an enclosed destination dog park. Early research indicates Carpinteria is the only coastal community between Los Angeles and Santa Maria without a destination dog park. This project is likely to be lengthy, and will require 501c3 status, fundraising, and cooperation with the City of Carpinteria and/or private citizen land.


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